Type of bonlex Model Name Membrane Press Mold Press
bonlex ID High Gloss IHC *
indoor use High Gloss Wood IHW *
High Gloss Abstract IHA *
Suede ISD *
Double Layer IND *
Super-Real INR *
Natural Texture Woodgrain INW * *
Natural Texture Abstract INA * *
bonlex ID Outdoor Natural Texture ONC * *
outdoor use Outdoor Woodgrain ONW * *
Outdoor Abstract ONA * *
Method Model Name Range of Thickness Width*
Membrane Press IHC 0.1~1.0mm 1,420~1,440 mm
IHW IHA 0.4~1.0mm 1,420~1,440 mm
Others 0.5~1.0mm 1,420~1,440 mm
Mold Press 1.0~6.0mm 1,270mm