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What is Bonlex?

Bonlex is a Rigid Thermoplastic PVC Foil (RTF) that has been specifically designed for application by means of a membrane press or vacuum forming machinery. By utilizing the Bonlex 3D laminate product, designers and producers of furniture and cabinetry have a nearly unlimited selection of colors and finishes from which to choose.

The primary benefit to any component manufactured with this technology is a uniform, seamless finish that cannot be duplicated using the conventional finishing techniques that are available today. All materials are manufactured, printed and finished using the most modern and efficient means possible by C.I. TAKIRON Co., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative surfacing material.

New Products

Bonlex PET is a Non PVC material used in various non pvc markets.  We have 3D Bonlex PET and 2D Bonlex PET for different applications. Visit for more information.

Bonlex 2D Hard Coat is a PET based product with a Higher Surface Coating to increase mar and scratch resistance.  It has High Gloss, Mirror Finish, and Wood grain prints available.

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